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ban appeal swearing


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SS14 account username: sithlords8
Ban reason: swearing (unable to be contacted)
Date of ban: 6/13/23
Length of ban:  indefinite/appeal
Events leading to the ban: I was walking around the station and found boxers gloves  so I equipped them and started wacking people for fun most people didn't seem to mind it but my foolish mind though it would be funny if I went to sec and had some fun so i saw the warden and started punching him he didn't even notice  or at least care however a member of sec saw me punch the warden and swiftly stunned and arrested me as she/he should have it was a stupid decision but I was mad so I cursed at them  for arresting me which was a foolish decision and no one deserves that especially if I was in the wrong and being disrespectful to other players it was wrong of me and I fully respect the decision 
Reason the ban should be removed:  I learned my lesson and how disrespectful it was to other players no matter what happens i should always try to be as respectful as i can and if anything happens I should contact admins instead of resorting to foolish behavior.

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  • Game Admin

The administrative team has decided to accept this appeal.

Please be aware that we are all other human beings behind these characters. You are correct that it can be disrespectful when the slurs and name calling goes too far. We understand that things get a little heated in game and some amount of trash talk is to be permitted and is okay to do. In your case however, you not only repetitively name called another person to the point where they felt extremely uncomfortable, you also used the R-slur that we asked you a few days prior not to use. Thank you for your understanding.

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