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New event idea: A new way to round remove someone from the game.


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So, I've been thinking about some antag ideas. Space ninja came to mind but it was already in the game. I doubt heretic is getting added. Changeling is never coming out. So why not make up a makeshift antag with what we have?

Here's my idea.


You see here, this antag is admin only. I don't really care how you choose the player (maybe the person ahelping if they're a ghost or it could be a ghost role or only played by admins), it would really make the game more interesting seeing one of these guys run after a Ben Dover or a self antag perhaps.

People killed by self defense of the Chrono legionnaire will be rejouvenated when the Chrono legionnaire is done with their task. Usually, I see this go like "Kill Ben Dover and throw him south of the station" and after they're done they just get deleted. The body also gets deleted too. And everyone dead from the Chrono gets magically healed.

I'd imagine these guys recieve like some really good admin armor like ERT leader or something. And some OP guns like a minigun.

Anyway, thanks for reading and hope you will consider doing this idea.

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