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SS14 account username: DiogenesOfMiami
Ban reason: Datacenter/VPN IP
Date of ban: N/A
Length of ban: N/A
Events leading to the ban: N/A
Reason the ban should be removed: I access the internet through the owners of my residence, and they cannot change my exit IP. As you can see if you search my name, I am most certainly not using this name to evade a ban, as this is the name I have used on SS14, BYOND (SS13), Twitch, Steam, etc. for years. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to playing again.

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  • Project Manager

Datacenter bans aren't applied to specific accounts, they're applied to IPs used by things like virtual private networks (VPNs). If you are using a VPN, disabling it should allow you to connect to Wizard's Den servers. If you are not using a VPN or something similar, but still cannot connect, please do any of the following:


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