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Role Ban Appeal


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SS14 account username: paraweld
Role(s):  All command roles
Date of ban:  6/10/23
Length of ban: 14 days
Events leading to the ban:  I was Head of Security, and it was nearing the end of the shift (Shuttle was just called) when the Detective and I were attacked after attempting to arrest two syndicates working together. They were armed with lethals/contraband, and after a scuffle, we ended up victorious. While Detective went to Medical, I needed to clear the bodies so I brought them to bridge as it was the closest safe spot, and because I was very injured, I used Syndicate smokes I found on one of the bodies to reduce time spent tending to myself in what I deemed an emergency. After that I brought the bodies and all contraband except for an Emag to Armory. I then brought the Emag to the Bridge to show to the heads, I don't really know why I did this instead of bringing it to armory with the rest of the evidence, I think I was just proud of my accomplishment. Captain then proceeded to take the Emag as an order and use it on multiple vendors (clothes/shadycigs/boozeomat) and I didn't stop them, and I wore a Centcomm scarf obtained through an Emagged clothes vendor. I then joked about the cult robes, making a statement about Centcomm's disapproval and denied doing it. Shuttle arrived, and we went to Chapel (right by evac) and they emagged the chaplain's vendor and yet again I didn't stop them. Then the round ended.  In total I used a Syndicate cigarettes, and didn't say anything about the misuse of an Emag, and then wore a Centcomm scarf, profiting off it. I wasn't notified of the ban until I noticed I was role banned when I next got on to play.
Reason the ban should be removed: While I believe the usage of the smokes was justified, I believe I should have spoken up about the Emag. It was my fault for bringing it to bridge in the first place.  It was a mistake on my end and it won't happen again because I am better than that as it wasn't in malevolence, but ignorance, and this is a learning experience for me. I genuinely apologize for what I participated in and looking back in hindsight its an embarrassment. Commands are one of my most favorite roles to play and it is a disappointment to bring this upon myself. Either within 2 weeks, or if I'm unbanned before then, I will be absolutely certain to not participate in activities aforementioned ever again and I will do my best to stop others from doing so as well, including going against the chain of command if game rules are being broken, either by confronting the player in character or through the admin messenger if rules are continued to be broken. I will be far more aware of this in the future and I hope my apology is understood, regardless of the outcome of this, thank you.

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  • Game Admin

The administrative team has decided to accept this appeal.

Please understand that using contraband as command, outside of dire emergencies, is frowned upon and against the rules. The one time use of the syndi smokes was permitted due to your situation, but logs also showed you emagged at least one vending machine yourself.

Welcome back to the command team, please be sure to inform us if you see any similar behavior. 

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