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appeal for the ban of cliff


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SS14 account username:cliff
Ban reason:"trying to impede arrest and stealing stuff from security as clown.you were not online,so we culdnt contact you"
Date of ban:7/6/2023
Length of ban:permaban
Events leading to the ban: I was going around when some officers where tring to arrest a person,me enjoying annoying sec decided to help the person escaping (up to my knoledge he wasnt a syndie) so I help him escape I get caught by security and  comit suicide after congratulating sec I comited suicide because I didnt want to keep playing,I conect 1h or 2 after and suddenly im banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: first of all I wuld like to say that as far as I knew and know I did nothing that bad,I annoyed sec something that everyone does,most people have reasons but I just like slipping them and all of that it makes it better,I did steal their equipment but I 99% of the time give it back or are caught with it,besides I was a clown,clowns usualy spend their time being annoying to non clowns so I belive a perma ban was a little bit exesive altho I do understand I wasnt conected to be lectured,I have seen people steal entire sec corpses and not get banned so I dont belive that the simple fact of annoying security for a bit is that bad and if im missing any fact I wuld love to know what im missing.

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  • Game Admin

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

Please be aware that preventing security from arresting a player or being the main factor that allows someone to escape is considered self-antagging. Even if you think the player is arrested, it is frowned upon to interfere with security trying to make an arrest and usually makes the whole situation worse for everyone. 

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