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TheChudster Admin Application

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Required Fields

  • In-Game Username: TheChudster
  • Discord username: AgentWatson
  • Characters I play: Chud Gunderson on Wizden and Wyatt Dubois on Delta-V
  • Time spent playing: Steam records 840 hours, expected to be more like 800 hours to account for time spent with Server List open in the background.
  • Available Hours: I work-from-home from 11am to 7:30 and will be available most weeknights from the hours of 7:30pm to 3:00am EST (Eastern Standard), and available on weekends unless specifically mentioned otherwise. 
  • Prior administration experience: I currently have no SpaceStation-related experience in being an admin. To add in place of this, I have experience in administrating events for open-to-the-public Dungeons & Dragons and Barotrauma campaigns, including advertising and running of the campaign sessions themselves. Additionally, I've helped in pointing out self-antags during high player-count shifts.
  • Have I been banned from SS14/SS13 servers before? No. Any previous records should show that any warnings given for breaking minor rules were met with understanding and have not been repeated.

The essay-y part

Hello! My name is Watson, but you may know me as Chud in-game. As a player, one of the things I loved the most is the interactions between the station and the administration through the use of Gods or CentComm. What I've come to understand is, that it is also a delicate power that can also just as easily ruin the whole shift if abused even in the slightest. That being said, what I think the main role as an Admin is, is to firstly make sure that the shift is free of shittery. That includes name changing and/or kicking the Walter Whites, cracking down on obvious power-gaming and self-antags accordingly and ultimately making sure all rules are enforced.

Secondly, I believe in making sure roleplay and the shift in general for LRP is engaging, with as little direct admin intervention as possible unless needed specifically. This can be accomplished by starting crafting a unique event for when the stations been quiet for too long, or making sure that syndicates/nuke ops are actually doing their job, and when needed contacting the bridge team as CentComm to make sure they respond properly.

Lastly, why do I want to be an Admin? The answer is mostly due to my appreciation to the craft put into this game. This isn't to try and bootlick, but I genuinely am fascinated by the perceivable depth that games like SS13 and 14 can provide, and how it can become as realistic or fantastical as you'd need it to be. I'd love the opportunity to join it's growth more directly, and appreciate whoever the trooper is that read this application in it's entirety for their time. Godspeed, and hope to hear back! <3


/Honk Em All 1984/
/Ah am dorf lad/
/410,757,864 DEAD CLOWNS/

Ban Chud.png

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