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Does knowing lootspawns and utilizing that knowledge count as metagaming



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So, im sure most people are guilty at one point or another in their SS14 career, of rushing a certain few places in the maints for loot such as full utility belts, parts, matts, welding googles, and insuls, along with other funny things like mapped contraband and such. But if you know where they are, and use that knowledge to rush them at the beginning of a round, does that count as metagaming?



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Knowing the locations of item spawns is not considered powergaming or metagaming, but that knowledge can be used in a way that would be considered powergaming.

Getting or collecting items unrelated to your role can be considered powergaming, especially if it bypasses reasonable interactions with players. The powergaming clarification contains more examples of things that may be considered powergaming which may be relevant to this question.

The golden rule allows admins to ask players to tone down things like maint looting if they feel the particular player is negatively affecting the experience of other players too much by doing so, even if their behavior does not rise to the level of powergaming.


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shaboop a do, here ya do:

personally, yea. I mean sure, you could contrive a reason for a character to 'guess' where they might be, or even a reason for them to use them.

it's hard to argue whether or not someone 'stumbles' into them 'on accident', easier to argue about why they would even pick them up and keep them,
turning them over to their respective department might actually get you some credit with the department staff though.

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made it an actual response instead of just linking the powergaming rule
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I'd really like this question answered if possible. I was just messaged by an admin for "powergaming every round" on my first round of the day for grabbing maintenance materials for cargo to give to the crew, essentially souring my mood toward the shift and ultimately ending it prematurely because, frankly, I'd prefer to not have to tiptoe around rewarding map knowledge because one admin is on vs another.


As per the rules, there is *no* depiction of this as an issue. Especially on Box station where there is a multitude of materials lying throughout maintenance.


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