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Why do you late join?


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It seems that some people prefer to not ready up when a round is about to begin, and then they join soon afterwards. I have the impression that some people do that somewhat consistently. Why? I'm not judging, just curious.

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I late join if I am looking to play a specific job.

I do this because I have my job preferences set up for a theoretical 'in general' game. But, to be honest, I am kind of too picky and choosy for that to apply often. I found myself constantly having to go back in and sort through what I'm really in the mood to play today VS my theatrical preferences. By time I'd sort out my job preferences, the round has already begun anyway. At that point, it just became far easier to wait and see what's open than to fiddle with the preferences.


So, to try to explain that better, I have several jobs that I know how to do that I am sometimes in the mood for so I check them in my preferences. Thing of it is, I then sometimes end up getting them... So like, I know Botany and Janitor and I don't mind playing them sometimes. But, then other times I feel like I get stuck with them if I ready up because I forgot to go back in and uncheck them. That happened yesterday, actually, and I ended up being stuck as Janitor for the shift and I really wasn't in the mood for it.

I could make a point to go in and re-address my list every single day I come in. But, it's far easier to just see what's open and pick what I'm in the mood for from the join list.

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Thank you for the replies!

That makes sense, and it's a very altruistic thing to do. But I'd love to hear from someone who actually does that. And I think it would only make sense to do that when the population is low, relative to the map's roundstart slots, I.e., if there's only fifteen players overall, or maybe ~40 players on a big map like Bagel.

Makes sense. But! Could you and would you ready up before leaving to do what you left to do?

That was most illuminating, thank you! I understand the feeling, though for me it's simpler, and I just go as a passenger when not in a great mood.

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