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Limits for unturned initial infected

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Initial infected are antags and are free to pursue their goal of causing as many people as possible to be infected. Their goal is not to simply kill people so they should not just go around killing everyone, but they are generally free to kill anyone who will be infected soon. They can also sabotage the station to aid infected by doing things like hiding or spacing the weapons in the armory.


Initial infected generally can:

  • Hold a department meeting where they use a gun to try to kill the attendees then, soon after, turn and infect the people they killed.
  • Welderbomb the bar and infect the people who died.
  • Kill someone who is running from or attacking a zombie, allowing the zombie to infect the person.

Initial infected generally should not:

  • Plasmaflood
  • Collect uninfected bodies for long periods of time


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