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bobthesledder - outting a nukie


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SS14 account username: bobthesleder
Ban reason: "Metagaming a nukie by forcing them to reveal a mask, despite there being no IC reason to check for nukies or for voice masks."
Date of ban: 6/1/2023
Length of ban: 24 hours
Events leading to the ban: I was walking around and see a guy in centcomm gear, like that's not obviously chameleon gear. I see he has a centcomm mask on so I ask to see his face to see if he's a person that is aos/nukie. He does not take the mask off, so I arrest and see for myself, and it was a nukie.
Reason the ban should be removed: First off, I have a feeling that if it were a syndie in chameleon gear trolling around it would've been just fine, as that's a reasonable thing to arrest someone for, unless it's metagaming to know that a centcomm jumpsuit isn't normal gear and is likely a chameleon outfit. I know of the possibility of nukies dressing up as centcomm, which if that part is metagaming I understand, so I also was checking to see if the guy in chameleon gear was a nukie. If knowing that nukies can dress up as centcomm counts as metagaming then I understand and won't do it again, but syndies could do that too and I would arrest them regardless.

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I was a nuclear operative that proposed the idea: There has been a Central Command announcement about "Several CentCom Interns arriving at your station" prior to our arrival. You had no reason to suspect it was a nukie or cham clothes.

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If I see someone with chameleon clothes, I'm supposed to just not assume anything? I don't understand this reply. The only possible way there could be no possibility of cham clothes in the round is a zombie round, but if I'm walking and see someone wearing cham clothes I'm supposed to just do nothing or else it's metagaming?

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  • Project Manager

If there's an announcement from centcom saying they're sending people to the station wouldn't that offer a plausible IC explanation for people with centcom gear on the station, other than the obvious "the station is commanded by centcom, who may sometimes send officials to the station, and those officials would almost definitely wear centcom gear"?

One of the examples of metagaming provided in the detailed version of the rules is


This rule also applies to taking actions in-game based upon knowledge that only exists outside of the game (ex: how the game or certain game behaviors or gametypes are coded) to gain an advantage.

I'm not sure how that example could be interpreted in a way where using the knowledge that centcom gear doesn't naturally spawn and can only be obtained without admin intervention by using chameleon gear doesn't fit.

Also it looks like you were a lawyer not a secoff, why were you looking for people who were AOS, wearing a sec hardsuit, and wearing a secbelt?


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