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Banning Admin unknown-Leonard


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  1. SS14 account: Leonard 
  2. Character name :YES man
  3. When was the ban: A few days ago 
  4. Your side of the story: I did a little mischief that with all the other bans got me a perma
  5. Why you think you should be unbanned: I took a break and now I know how much of an asshole I was  and that I ruined a good round of ss14.i LOVE ss13 and ss14and the randomness of every round . one of the best games I played  I hope I can be let off the hook  this time if not I understand 

Sincerly YES man

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  • Project Manager

with 4 bans under your belt, i'd expect a bit more effort on your banappeal, like basic english spelling. Feel free to open another appeal, but this one is denied.

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