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SS14 account username: [intrepidpotion]

Ban reason: [speciesism Calling for death of all slimes]
Date of ban: [i forgot since i got banned few days after the event im pretty sure]
Length of ban: [appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [the only thing i remember is being a pAI and talking with someone that obtained a water vapor canister and it lead to the moment where i said something bout "killing all slimes"]
Reason the ban should be removed: last time i appealed i was told to appeal in 2 weeks and seeing the small sample of my chat logs all i said arent good thing they are pretty bad im not good at making ban appeals and i understand if i dont get appealed

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  • Game Admin

Admin decision is not to accept this appeal at this time. You may reapply in no earlier than two weeks.

This appeal is a copy/paste of your previous denied appeal with the extraction of a few words. Please rewrite a new appeal, as this is a copy of your earlier denied appeal can been seen as low effort.

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