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Ban appeal


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SS14 account username: Wollow
Ban reason: "I have fun annoying people" 
Date of ban: 08/10/22
Length of ban: six months
Events leading to the ban:  I killed another user in the game without taking them to med to get cloned, I cant remember the exact reason but I was just messing around at the time and didn't mean anything by it as well as not being aware of the rule to take someone to med when they crit. When I got the ban I made a fuss about it on the discord as I thought 12 hours was much as I had apologized and admitted that what I did was wrong and promised not to do it again , I jokingly said that I have fun annoying people not knowing that it would make my ban worse. I know that I can be annoying at times but I had never gone as far as getting someone perma killed in game for the round.

My original ban was 12 hours but was then changed to 6 months due to me ban evading under a new account.

Reason the ban should be removed: I was told that i could appeal the ban in six month and its been six months. and I would really like to get back into the game again. I have learnt my lesson and will refrain from being a nuisance. Honestly at the time I wasn't aware that "being too silly" would rub people the wrong way. I genuinely didn't mean to annoy or upset anyone with my past actions. I should have just dealt with the 12 hour ban instead of causing a fuss.

In the ban reason it said I need a voucher of good behaviour from another server. The only other server I could play on was Nyanotrase but due to IRL issues I haven't actually played in a while.

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