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Zumorica - Greventh


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SS14 account: Greventh
Character name: Finn [Something]
When was the ban: 3/20/2021
Your side of the story: I committed a big bad genocide. (Killed HoP and said some things I shouldn't have.)
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I realized what I did and how it violated rule, (3?) and I'm sorry for my mistake. I think this ban is totally reasonable and I understand if this unban is declined. 

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For the record, the admin who banned you was me. unknown.png


 You were banned for a violation of rule 4, for saying the above and proceeding to kill people.


4. Real life hate speech/slurs are not allowed.

We've decided to reduce the ban to a week as you seem to understand that what you did was bad, but we'll keep a close eye on you when you're unbanned.



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