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BAN APPAEL (vovards) (N-word usage)


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SS14 account username:vovards

Ban reason:N-words usage

Date of ban: 10 MONTHS ago i guess.Probably in july or agust

Length of ban:perma ofc

Events leading to the ban: i was just hangin around like doing nothing then i saw 2 guys and wrote nugger not with letter I cuz i didnt mean that after 5 mins i got banned

Reason the ban should be removed:first of all thats my 6. or 7. appael cuz u guys told me to get a voucher on another server. but there is not another server that speaks english.After i got banned from wizard den lizard server there was another english server that i can play.after 50 hours of playing on that another server i got ban mirror. So i cant get a voucher and there is not much game left has that much quality.i dont want to play FORTNİTE so last time im writing (probably not) if there is another way to get a voucher please contact me cuz i like this game  and i got 100 hours in the game.

thank you for giving me time 
1 last change for that poor guy??:)

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