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insulated gloves confiscation



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This is covered more generally in the existing rules:

  1. Detainees should be released from the brig in a timely manner once their sentence is up and given back any gear taken from them, minus contraband which may remain confiscated. Security may choose to confiscate dangerous items (weapons, firearms, etc.) as well as items used to commission crimes or items that prove problematic in possession of the detainee (tools, insulated gloves, etc). If Security exercises this privilege they will be expected to produce a good reason for confiscating it.

In general terms security may exercise the privilege to confiscate anything the detainee probably should not be in possession of, and especially those things which are proving to pose a problem to the security or safety of the crew or station (such as weapons, tools, and in this case, insulated gloves used in hacking). In general, security may also confiscate things they believe to be stolen or things that otherwise have little alignment with the crew member's current assignment, which would generally include insulated gloves if the crew member has no real purpose for having them.

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