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My favourite item in the whole game is broken, i dont know what caused it but now for some reason you dont slide like 5 tiles away its same length as normal soap but with the same original extended slip time as before 

Please fix it admin gods 

I also deleted discord so i cant bug report it if someone else wants too please do i hope this wopl surfice 

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I mean i would be very surprised if it was intended as i used the syndi soap and now it is infective it seems just like any other soap something that is wortg a telecrystal rendered almost useless seems odd too me.

I really hope it gets changed back like the saying if it aint broke dont fix it comes too mind it worked perfectly was super satisfying tbh any slip mechanic is if anything i thought it would get better like longer slips chained up not them getting toned down too nothing is very sad :( 

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