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Ban Appeal


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SS14 account: Noyou260
Character name: The ambassador
When was the ban: 7th of December 
Server:  Wizard's den Lizard
Your side of the story:  Well here I go again listen I was banned for self antaging, murder and poisoning the crew (There may be more reasons) so I was playing as CMO and listen you may not believe me like last time but the chemists did make like 2 pills for me to give out, but you won't believe me and yes I did try to trick you and I'm sorry for that. and really I did just kill the crew for fun and to screw around. I admit to all of that.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Listen once again I would like if my ban could be shortened to a year minimum so you know I have a good punishment and listen I've had a  feeling that's haunted me from getting banned so like it would help if I knew I could be unbanned but you know it most likely won't happen. I am sincerely sorry about all of this and if it happens again please perma ban me thank you for even reading this.

Anything else we should know:  I think you should know that I'm dealing with alot irl at the moment so I'm a bit murderous so that's why I think a year minimum would be good. (This may now matter so if it doesn't ignore it) thank you.
 - Your sincerely Noyou260 

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