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HRAzex-banned for "Sexual content in chat"

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SS14 account username: HRAzex
Ban reason: Sexual content in chat
Date of ban: I assume on 5/23/2023

Length of ban: Does not specify, so I assume permanently?  
Events leading to the ban: Not sure, I played a few matches for the night and then went to sleep with no problems, I tried to join the server again the day after(today) and I am banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: I don't even know what I said, I have never done anything or said anything sexual. (Sorry for the lack of information I really don't know what I did)

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Oh, I forgot about that. someone had accidentally said sex instead of something else. I thought it was funny so I made a joke about it, I didn't know that it was against the rules at the time, and I am sorry. If I had known at the time I would not have said that I will not say that (or anything sexual) going forward, I am sorry.
Also thank you for showing me what I said! I appreciate the context.

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