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Discord banned


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Discord account: HuntDownTheFreemanFan21#9226
Date of ban: ~April 18
Events leading to the ban: Users were talking about what went wrong with nyanotrasen and I had remembered that someone told me that the mod team had pedophiles in it, so I said that, I was immediately told I was spreading misinformation, a moderator said they would start banning anyone spreading misinformation and before I could apologize I was banned without warning or disclosed duration.
Reason the ban should be removed: 

1. I didn't know I was causing any harm by saying this, I wasn't educated in the topic at all and I just wanted to join in with the conversation.

2. If I knew I was causing harm or spreading misinformation I wouldn't have said it, it's my fault I didn't research the topic before but I believed i'd learn more about what happened as the conversation went on.

3. I've been banned for over a month now and any timed suspension should be up by now, I love this game and community and I want to contribute to it but as far as i'm aware it's mostly impossible without discord.

I'm sorry for any harm I've caused and I promise not to repeat this in the future, but if you choose to keep me banned despite this, please leave a reason why.

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