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was the AK removed from the uplink?


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I just got a traitor round (all redtext because of shuttle bug) but I noticed the AK wasn't in the uplink, did I miss something or is it gone without warning? if so, why? also enjoy this image

I heart defib.png

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I think the outright removal of the AKMS is a bit silly. Was about to create a thread for this myself because I just got syndie and noticed that the first really viable loud weapon (that you don't get out of sheer luck from a 20 TC bundle) is missing. 

AKMS is necessary. A nice, loud option for syndicate agents that is not a total garbage gun like the Mosin. The issue with it was that you could get literally six 30 round mags from a 1 TC box. With the mag that comes with the gun itself that's a total of 180 shots. You could literally outgun all of security at only a 13 TC cost if you weren't getting stunned. 

So what I suggest is: remove the silly 180 rounds -> 1 TC option, implement an option to just buy single mags for 1 TC each and boom, you have made the AKMS a perfectly fine syndie weapon.

This all just makes me wonder why it was implemented in the first place, unless whoever coded it in somehow didn't know about the 6 mags 1 TC option that has been in the game for as long as I can remember.



Alternatively to all of this you could also just buff the Mosin and make it not terrible.

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