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Make hating detriot illegal


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Nothing and i mean nothing fucks me off more than the crew going ' shuttle call because detriot '

It happened for far too long and most times we get the map some chucky cheese must be this tall too ride child thinks its fine too shittle because they dont like detriot. News flash i dont like them for voting one of if not the best map in rotation,   is it against the rules?

It should be 

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I do most times they let on who did it but they usually don't announce their cap name just ping the shuttle straight away first 5/10 mins but i will now be on it with my a helps about it.   

I actually got timed out before because i was mad salty about the cap calling it because fuck Detroit and i was a syndi then they all arrested me flushed me just as i heard the alpha delta and i was monumentally pissed off ended up getting a 2 hour ban fair enough i was salty and raging but honestly i think i was in my rights to some what just probably was a nuisance to whomever was staffing at the time i wont say but tbh looking back on it if i was in the same position i would have done the same thing but still stands the original reason why it happened and how it directly reflects on my feelings regarding this OP 

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