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[CHARIZARDISDA1] - [Screamed "I WANNA DIE" And "Ima Go Rabid" DC'ed before able to be contacted]

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 [Screamed "I WANNA DIE" And "Ima go rabid" DC'ed Before able to be contacted]

[Does not say, only making apeal now] 

[Appeal Only]

[I logged in, played for a while, then, new round starts, i proceed to load in with the thoughts of having a schitzophrenic and suicidal character, i go to med, there i start screaming i wanna die, this is because my character was suicidal, then after that i attacked people because my character was a schitzo and very aggressive, then i DC'ed because i had to go.]

[I feel the ban should be removed because Wizards Den Is One Of The Most popular servers, i do understand what i did was pretty dumb, i will read the rules and follow them, if appealed, i will never do something to result in a ban.] 

Thank You.

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