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Public use of syndicate items by the crew



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A bit of context: Practically every second round I encounter security or command giving away syndicate items from captured/dead syndies to regular crew, or using these items themselves. I know that security/command using syndicate items outside extreme circumstances is against the rules. When a syndicate is killed by someone, their hardsuit/armor/weapons is often "claimed" by players that kill them and they refuse to surrender these items to security for safe storage. Worse yet, these players are often accompanied by a mob of other likeminded players that have absolutely no problem protecting their "right" to keep these items from "shitcurity". It has come to a point where I am OOC scared to even act against these players because I know with 100% certainty that as a security officer I will get arrested by my fellow officers, demoted by command or mobbed in the hallway for doing anything against this illegal usage of syndicate items.

Question 1: What am I supposed to do in character as a security officer when I know that out of character I will certainly get round removed by LRP players for acting against players using syndicate items?

Question 2: What am I supposed to do as a security officer about command/security openly supporting/sanctioning use of syndicate items by the crew/security/command?

I of course ahelp situations where relevant.

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People openly using syndicate items can generally be treated as confirmed antagonists, even if they're a member of command or security.

Security or command using or sanctioning use of syndicate items in situations where it is inappropriate can be ahelped. Situations which are ahelped can still be responded to IC.

Players who self-antag by defending antagonists, including non-antagonists openly using syndicate items, can be treated as antags ahelped. Players who physically interfere in arrests can be treated as having committed the crime that the person who was being arrested was suspected of, even if they weren't aware of the crime. If you have a substantial concern that the use of syndicate items by non-antags cannot be handled IC and are able to articulate the reason for this concern, then you can ahelp to share this concern and request advice, even if no one has broken a rule yet.

If you ahelp a significant concern about a past round and receive no response, you can create an admin message https://forum.spacestation14.io/index.php?/forum/30-admin-message/ which can be handled by an admin later. Security or command inappropriately using or sanctioning the use of syndicate items is a significant concern, so is mobs attacking security for trying to arrest antags. A suspicion that people would have interfered in an arrest is unfortunately not something that can be handled post-round, so it is not considered a significant concern for the purposes of the Admin Message section. Inaction by security or command is also difficult to handle post-round so, to be considered a significant concern, security or command should have either used syndicate items or taken an action in support of their use, including verbally approval.


This answer applies to LRP.

Due to the large amount of contextual and situational information that may be relevant, the rule clarifications section is not for reviewing past ahelps or situations. No part of this answer should be interpreted as a review of any past ahelp or situation.


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