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Darkrier - Banned for Welderbombing on Miros

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"Welderbombing random shit during miros on lowpop after you didn't get antag and prior notes for welderbombing"


Banned until Appeal

I had just started the shift and I was bored because I didn't get syndie or nuke ops and I then decided to make a vape/ Welder bomb and I poured welder fuel into the Vape then brought a fuel tank to blow i took a hit of the vate sending a small explosion which triggered  domino effect and exploded the welder then I went back to sci then came back to check the damage on the bar and I was attacked and killed by a monkey and then was saved by a civilian and then was not able to be cloned and beaten by sec then quit.

I hope that you can understand why I want to have this ban appealed because I was Bored and im my frenzy of Stupidity I decided to vape welder bomb the Bar and I can be understanding If you do not wish to appeal this ban.

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  • Project Manager

Sorry, I missed that you were also appeal banned a month ago. Due to our banning policy, this ban can only be appealed again after at least 6 months and only with a voucher of good behavior from another relatively well known SS14 or SS13 server.


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