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Crysseil - ERP or sexual content in chat


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SS14 account username: Crysseil

Ban reason: 24949: ERP or sexual content in chat

Date of ban: 15th March 2023

Length of ban: Appeal

Events leading to the ban: I'm not exactly sure what triggered this ban as I have no memory of saying anything too explicit. I might have said something stupid while trying to be funny, not thinking too much about it without realizing it actually might have been inappropriate.

Reason the ban should be removed: I understand that i should think twice before saying something that may be a bit too much. I will watch my language better and I assure you that such an incident will not occur again.

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  • Project Manager

The ban was placed after a log search, but after looking at your chat messages around the messages that appeared in the original search it looks like you made a typo that you then tried to address. Sorry for the inconvenience, the ban has been lifted.


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