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Wish to be unbanned

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SS14 account username: SECURITYPLAYER
Ban reason: Inappropriate name
Date of ban:  it doesnt say
Length of ban: until it gets appealed i assume qq
Events leading to the ban: This was over a year ago! i dont remember exactly lol
Reason the ban should be removed: I do know it says i have an inappropriate name, but idk if its talking about my username or a name i used in game. All I know Is coming from unhinged ss13 servers, probably wasnt the best idea to come onto this server lol, but im definitely ready to try and get unbanned, I would like to play. Majin#7598 is my discord if someone could contact me at all, id love to be genuine and try to resolve this matter. atleast another chance hopefully? I made a new account as well because i didnt realize i was banned. i forgot i had another account as well. If there is anything I could do, it would be greatly appreciated..


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