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00iCon - Knowingly metagaming

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SS14 account username: 00iCon
Ban reason: Round 25191: Knowingly metagaming
Date of ban: 15/05/2023
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I finished playing a round and thought I'd observe a bit before bed. Another ghost pointed out there were 2 nukie teams and I was confused but confirmed after a minute. Believing it to be an error, I made an attempt to AHelp it and it went unanswered. I continued to watch in horror at the crew stumbling around, oblivious to the danger. I looked for ghost roles that may help the crew without giving it away. I even attempted to message mods who appeared to be online directly on Discord and got no response. All in all it seemed really unfair to the crew and I had no direction in regards to what happens when there's a glitch and there's no admins (At round end I found out an admin was playing a character actually).

So I noticed one SecOff with multiple PAI's walking around and playing a trombone. Who better to inform and to change to take things more seriously? I made sure to not give away anything specific! I believe I said, "You're in for a treat this shift!" and "Good Luck!" then ghosted. One could construe this as simply encouraging the officer to do his job. The officer then proceeded to watch cams and later saw the nukies entering the empty bridge.  Meanwhile I was trying to document the whole thing and get screenshots for a good story at round end, it's in the Discord. 

Before ghosting 
Reason the ban should be removed: I have been a helpful and long time member of the station, perhaps taking it more seriously than many and trying to teach new players. While I didn't give away I understand that my action was metagaming by the strictest definition. Next time I'll not try and imagine I'm improving the player's experience like some kind of vigilante admin and remember that this is just a silly spessman gaem. Thanks for your consideration.

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I've been around for a while without any bans or major issues. I rarely get AHelped and bother admins even less. I really like Lizard and especially rolling nukie, but always try to to my job to my utmost ability, knowing that anything I do will help the station run smoothly.

If necessary I can seek a reference from another server. Will that be needed?

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