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Astriloqua - I don't know the ban reason

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SS14 account username: astriloqua
Ban reason: Some faggot did it
Date of ban: Multiple weeks ago? I haven't played for a while and when I left (or maybe the round ended, idk) my last round, I am pretty sure I wasn't banned. I just logged on today and boom, I am banned.
Length of ban: Perma till appeal
Events leading to the ban: ??
Reason the ban should be removed: I honestly don't even know why I am banned.

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I think I figured out why I got banned. After reading COINTELPROZAC's appeal, I guess the ban reason is something I said sometime and oh my god I really don't know how to explain just how embarrassed I am... I thought it meant fucker. They just sounded similar so I assumed one to be a variation of the other. I don't even know how the hell I managed to not know. Even if I got the ban reason wrong and that ban reason meant something else, I still can't believe how I didn't know what it meant. God being dumb is hard. Even if the appeal gets denied, can this appeal get yeeted out of existence, please? I am that embarrassed.

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