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[COINTELPROZAC] - [ERP or sexual content in faxes]

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SS14 account username: [COINTELPROZAC]

Ban reason: [ERP or sexual content in faxes]

Date of ban: [5/15/23]

Length of ban: [Remove Via Appeal]

Events leading to the ban: [I was in the bar and got a fax that was set up to be spam from a dating site then brought it to the HoP to go along with the joke after the HoP stamped the paper I threw it away. The round ended after some time the following round I spawned in as HoS then received the ban]

Reason the ban should be removed: [I did not send or create the fax I received it then joked about it with the HoP then threw it away. I didn't ERP or fax sexual content I just received a piece of paper with it on it then continued with the bit. I apologize for any wrongdoing]

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