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What constitutes "soft antag rolling"?



How long is one expected to play in a round before they are given leeway to abandon their role? Furthermore, are passengers held to higher or lesser standards in terms of leaving their roles mid-way through round? Are they expected to stay passengers, never ghost, and play the round out every single round? Is suiciding/ghosting after 5 minutes in and of itself antag rolling, or only when it's done in excess? Is there a limitation/quantifiable model for "antag rolling" or is it solely at the discretion of the observing admin?

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When a player refuses to play the game, or puts little to no effort into playing the game when they don't get an antag role, they are said to be antag rolling. This typically happens when a player has little to no interest in playing the game when they are not an antag.

Players should not enable a role that they are unwilling to play. Station staff players generally cannot abandon their roles, but there may be exceptions when it is the result of good roleplay. If it is the result of good roleplay, and the roleplay reason for leaving the position is outside of the control of the player leaving the position, it is extremely unlikely that it would be an issue. Players can do things unrelated to their role or their role's job when nothing important needs to be done related to their role. What is considered important varies, but for command it generally includes any department management. For all roles, receiving an order from a superior typically means you should be doing something related to that role, even if you are not following the order. Except for security and command, changing jobs is not considered abandoning a role.

Passengers are not staff and do not have a job or role to abandon unless they change positions during the round.

All players are expected to play through every round they join as a role in until the "natural end" of that role. Players are not expected or required to accept cloning. It is unreasonable to expect every player to play fully through every round they join so, often, there will be no admin action unless a pattern or high frequency is seen. Important roles, like command, are expected to ahelp before leaving, but even here there are situations where this may not be possible so no admin action is typically taken on a first offense. Players should never ghost, suicide, disconnect, or not put effort into playing their role based on them getting a certain role, or not getting antag status.

While the goals of these rules can be described with little grey area for what is considered a violation, the fact that intent is a factor and the fact that there are multiple valid reasons that may cause behaviors that look like antag rolling means that the grey area is relatively large in practice and enforcement can be subjective. Players who believe an admin made a mistake in enforcement should appeal and do their best to describe the situation.

Common examples of things that may be considered antag rolling:

  • Suiciding or disconnecting near round join, specifically if it becomes a pattern
  • AFKing for long periods of time, specifically if it becomes a pattern
  • As a staff role, building or leaving on a shuttle near round start, or when any important work needs to be done by your department
  • As a staff role, building unnecessary rooms in maintenance, like a maint bar, near round start, or when any important work needs to be done by your department


This answer applies to both LRP and MRP.

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