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32BitBlu - Haven't been playing the game for about a week and logged on to this

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SS14 account username: 32BitBlu
Ban reason: ""Suck my balls faggot""
Date of ban: No idea,logged into the game on May 13th 2023
Length of ban: Permanent

Events leading to the ban: I Don't have the slightest idea why,last game was probably about a week ago and I don't remember doing anything that is against the server or game rule than would leads to a game ban.

Reason the ban should be removed: No clear reason for why I was banned,no prior admin warning whatsoever,and obviously plain insult.


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2 minutes ago, metalgearsloth said:


Slurs aren't allowed on the server and it's not an invitation to quote yourself on discord.

Was this in discord or the game server?

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1 minute ago, metalgearsloth said:

The original was ingame and then it was quoted again on the discord.

Huh ok,I was a bit confused by the ban reason as it didn't provide me with any information,anyways sorry for the slur and quoting it again in discord general.

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