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Spending all someone's TC



Before I questioned myself doing this but here I ask it officially

Lets say your a seccie for 1 and a passenger for 2 

Scenario A    Player 1 and 2 both find a pda in maints with some TC on it unlocked, both players spend the TC and pocket the things,  is this allowed?

Scenario B    player 1 arrests someome with an open PDA and TC   player 2 is in sec and picks up confiscated PDA and buys things and runs away,   is this wrong for either 1 or 2 if so who is the most in the wrong 

Scenario C   player 1 takes dead person too med, searches them checks pda and is open but the player whos pda it was is ssd.   player 1 spends tc keeps the stuff. Player 2 sees player 1 with a syndi soap ( any t item )  and Radio's  'timmy dipshit the seccie is a syndi in disguise'       allbeit stupid scenario is player 1 the seccie wrong to do this?


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