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Aexxy's SS14 Admin Application


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In-game Username: Aexxy

Discord username: @Aexxie#0007

Characters you play: Aexxy Fox; Aura Fox


How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? 

I have been playing Space Station for over two years now. I currently have 230 hours of gameplay.


How many hours are you available per day:

I will be available for more than 10 hours a day.

Days you are available on:

I am available every day, however I will be more accessible during weekends.

Prior administration experience:

Previously, I worked for an extremely well-known Roblox group called Typical Games. This group was behind the creation of several games including Epic Minigames, Energy Assault, Silent Assassin, and The Crusher. This group had a very large playerbase (2 Million members in the group alone, with most of our players outside of the group), and therefore I am accustomed to large communities. I was a lead developer of said community, making important decisions as well as contributing greatly to each of the games. Additionally, I served as a moderator in the community as well. Since then I have retired, however I retain a special role that denotes my contribution to the group.



Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?

Yes, I have been banned in SS14 previously. The first time I was banned, I was interacting with the AME and caused it to blow up. If I remember correctly, this was on the first day I played. The second time involved me Metagaming against another player before I had truly understood how it worked. I had been playing as Captain (Which I believe it was my first shift doing so) and I suggested the demotion of a HoP who I had found self antagonizing in a round prior. At this time, I was not aware of the AHelp feature the game includes, and therefore attempted to take it upon my self to make things right. This resulted in a role ban. I had bypassed each of these, as at the time I was immature and selfish and only cared about what I wanted, rather than taking others into consideration. At the time of questioning, I had lied about doing so in a desperate act to stay out of trouble, which I deeply regret. Honesty is now a core value of mine, so I feel it is important for me to mention this as well to not mislead anyone. This is a mistake that will not happen again, as I have improved much since then. This was around a year and a half ago. If this is the reason my application is rejected, I understand, however I would like to request a chance to prove myself capable of helping despite the bans.


What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

Game Admins in SS14 serve as a way to keep the environment friendly and safe, as well as assisting any players who are in need of advice or guidance. Game Admins are intended to keep the peace, settle disputes, and ensure the integrity of the playerbase is kept in check. Additionally, Admins help keep the game from being boring and repetitive through the use of events. Admins are supposed to keep the game fun and entertaining, which not only includes removing negative players from the environment but also occasionally spicing up the gameplay making each shift even more unique. Admins are important due to the fact that they help keep the community in order and to ensure the state of each server does not descend into chaos. Admins are also supposed to make sure new players feel welcomed rather than overwhelmed by the amount of guidelines.

How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

The current roleplay status of the Wizard's Den servers could certainly be improved upon. The LRP official servers are a tad bit chaotic, but I believe proper moderation can help calm it down a bit allowing players to have a more enjoyable and entertaining experience. MRP servers are substantially more tame, however neither LRP nor MRP truly have a very noticeable amount of roleplaying. I do not believe this is the fault of the game developers, nor do I believe it is due to the admins. I believe that this is due to the playerbase itself, and simply that not all players are capable of roleplaying in an appropriate manner.

Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

I would like to become an administrator for SS14 because I absolutely love the game, and I want to help out in any way I can. I believe that not only could the game be far more successful if there were more administrators available at any given time, but that it would also improve the playability of the game in general. I would like to enhance the experience for other players. Additionally, I enjoy assisting and teaching people, so I would be more than delighted to teach new players how to play the game. I find pleasure in feeling useful and being a helpful and positive person, and I believe that a good way I can achieve this is by volunteering in the Space Station community.


Thank you for reading, and I hope you will consider my offer despite my shortcomings, as I wish to improve more than I already have.

- Aexxy

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