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Security metagaming questions



Sorry for a lot of questions, but had some doubts while playing warden recently.

Can security check for implants, encryption keys or uplinks in pda's of detainees?
Detective finds used storage implanter with latex gloves fibers on it.
Is security allowed to arrest and check with implanter suspicious crewmembers working in a department with access to latex gloves or detainees arrested with latex gloves on them?

There are reports of a stolen headset/one of the communication channels being compromised.
Can security check encryption keys on the headsets of the detainees?

Security officer arrests a suspected syndicate agent.
Can they check the PDA settings tab to see if they have an unlocked uplink?

Can security modify the brig?
Security officer hacks the brig/cell doors to make the autoclose timer faster.

Security officer unwrenches/moves the trash bin to prevent people from attempting to escape by flushing themselves to disposals.

Is welding the brig doors/blocking them with mime powers considered damaging the brig? What counts as an escape attempt?
Passenger/mime welds/blocks the brig doors disrupting the work of the whole department.
Can security arrest the perpetrator and if so, what would be a fair punishment?

Lawyer wants to pass a confidential note to the detainee. The detainee runs out of the cell as soon as it opens hoping to escape through the disposals or open brig entrance as another officers enters it.
Does this count as an escape attempt and should affect the brig timer?

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