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oqqA - labeled hamlet


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SS14 account username: oqqA
Ban reason: Labeled Hamlet as "gay sex" as a monkey
Date of ban: 10thMay2023
Length of ban: perma
Events leading to the ban: I leabled hamlet as "gey sex".
Reason the ban should be removed: I clicked on hamlet by accident, only wanted my stuff... Please accept my apologies. I promise not to break any server rules again.

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26 minutes ago, Chief_Engineer said:

Did you also accidentally set the labeler to "gay sex" and then accidentally click on a bunch of other stuff?

In a small radius. My bad. 😥

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6 minutes ago, Chief_Engineer said:

So how'd you manage to do all of that accidentally?

Only Hamlet by accident. The rest is entirely my fault. 😥

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