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Daemon - Discord/Github Repo Ban


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= For Discord bans =

Discord account: Daemon#3789
Date of ban: 27/03/2023
Events leading to the ban: I was involved in harassment against a Space Station 14 project manager, This all ties into my time being the host of Nyano, and the increased tensions between communities, I regrettably was pushed into the harassment because of my position and association with the other heads of Nyanotrasen who were also a part of the harassment, and made several severe mistakes in judgement, along with a long period of lack of action to attempt to stop such harassment. I fully understand why I was banned for this, and how I severely mishandled these issues as someone with a position within the community that holds higher scrutiny and responsibility.

Reason the ban should be removed: I no longer need to be banned to prevent issues, as I have no desire to engage in any more harassment of any space station 14 community members, my use for the discord would be as a player enjoying the game, as well as occasionally asking for development assistance, and possibly contributing to the codebase again in the future. I apologize for my actions wholeheartedly, and they will never happen again.

Resident Bird Fanatic
Cult of the Many Eyed Birb



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