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Ignite58 - self antag

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SS14 account username: Ignite58/John Parker
Ban reason: Exact wording: Left after Admin could speak to you, go appeal on the forums.image.thumb.png.069404cde0d6cc45af8cf90494f88614.png
Date of ban:I dont know
Length of ban: perma
Events leading to the ban: I dont know it has been so long since that happened and I remember messaging someone asking why was I banned because it was so long ago and they never responded
Reason the ban should be removed: it has been I THINK a year since I was banned and Im much more competent now.

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  • Project Manager

As stated in your last appeal, you require a voucher to appeal your ban:

In addition, you must also wait at least 6 months since your last attempt at ban evasion before appealing.


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