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Glitched Temp Ban

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ISS14 account username: Never_Smile

Ban reason: RDM'ing Captain in the bridge as non-antag

Date of ban: 5 May 2023

Length of ban: 720 Minutes (12 Hours)

Events leading to the ban:  Was Chaplain and Power went out and i went on a massive robbing spree, then i locked myself inside of command with 3 pAI's and the captains hamster, we called the shuttle and the captain or HoP showed up, i then welded the doors leading to the EVAC, i pulled out my gun after he said on radio "Sorry crew theres only room for 1 on this shuttle" i asked him and he said it was for dramatic effect, i then started having intrusive thoughts killing him and i then gunned him down, afterwards i was murdered my zombies.

Reason the ban should be removed: The Timer said 720 Minutes (12 Hours) until it expired due to me being banned on the 5th and expiring on 4:55 PM UTC it is now 6th


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