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dokka - wrote “penis” in a note

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SS14 account username: dokka
Ban reason: “writing ERP related vulgar content on a paper. This is a zero tolerance rule.”
Date of ban: 2/05/2023
Length of ban: forever
Events leading to the ban: basically i found a note, i had a pen, and i have quite a “childish” and immature sense of humor, finding the word “penis” quite funny sometimes, i wrote the word “penis” several times on a note and left it in the medbay counter for someone to find. some time after that i got banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: there’s not much english servers in ss14, even less having a good ammount of players. i dont speak russian, not even a little bit meaning that there’s basically only the wizard’s servers which have several players on average. i started playing ss14 not too long ago, i played ss13 a couple of times over the years. im really sorry for being so immature and i want to apologize, ive been really enjoying ss14 and i really want to play it, but being banned in the wizard’s servers make it really hard so i want to kindly ask for anyone to remove my ban and i really dont plan on doing any more of that immature and childish shit.

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