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My ban appeal


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fpsg - killed the chief medical officer

SS14 account username: fpsg
Ban reason: Killing a player as a non-antag secoff, lying during ahelp
Date of ban: 30.4.2023
Length of ban: only removed via appeal
Events leading to the ban: The chief medical officer was a jerk to everybody. Even to me as sec. He was ranting about how useless everyone and how he is discouraged to have such staff. Even tough he didn't do any work himself. So I decide to kill him. I first called him into maintenece "because the chief security officer said so" and then I shocked him and cuffed him. Then I put him in a locker and launched him into space.
Reason the ban should be removed: I think you should unban me because I have learned my lesson. Only admins should take action if someone is breaking roleplay. This is not my fight and I should do my duties and not deal with people who are only in the server to troll

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