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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread (QTDDTOT)


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so this is more of a rules question but is perma a guy that was not antag in anyway for destroying the entire station fine honsetly because perma was broken we just killed him and he apprrently said it was angest the rules to kill a non antagĀ 
second question:

is meta comming in sandbox really breaking the rules ? i did that in miros when no one was on to teach my friend

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All executions must be approved by the captain or acting captain.

It doesn't matter if the person has antag status, that's OOC knowledge. IC, has the person commited a crime severe enough to warrant an execution? Then ask your captain.

Also worth noting that, if that person really wasn't an antag, and was commiting such crimes, that sounds like self-antag.

And don't worry about metacomms in sandbox.

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