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CoolGuy47 banned for refusing to answer ahelp and consistent signs of underage


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SS14 account username: CoolGuy47

Ban reason: Random Murder, several signs of being underage and refusing to answer Ahelp Questioning

Date of ban: Idk it was like late February.

Length of ban: I'm pretty sure its Perma

Events leading to the ban: I joined late game and was a cargo technician I got bored and accidently drifted off into space and then got help from the medics so then I pretended to be a superhero I see a guy shoving someone else and then as a superhero I kill the greytide and then get arrested then the admin who banned me asked me questions and I didn't answer them then the shuttle was called got the kill sign above my head then got banned

Reason the ban should be removed: I miss playing this game a lot and I will just follow the rules and have fun I have been super bored and this is my first time being banned from the game I did copy and paste thus from my other ban appeal and I did make another account and did try to log in to see if it would work but I know it doesn't and I also made the other account for other reasons to like I feel having a few accounts is a good thing cause you don't have to change your jobs or avatar and you simply just switch anyway I apologize and am very sorry I realize my actions where very childish  and how it may seem I'm underage I'm not I suffer from a very bad case of adhd and I am working on it anyway have a good day :)

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