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Ban Appeal

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SS14 account username: [Superyoy]
Ban reason: [Saying the N-word: Absolutely no hate speech, slurs, bigotry, IC specism, or anything even remotely similar]
Date of ban: [Month and a half a, idk when exactly]
Length of ban: [Perma]
Events leading to the ban: [I was messing around as a chaplain with a clownbro asking for stuff. When entering what i think was botany i said something in the lines whats up my niggas, 5 minutes later i got smited ]
Reason the ban should be removed: [The ban was deserved idk if perma is the way to go but im sure that what i did was wrong, these words hurt people even if what i said was meant was with the best of intentions the word is what it is and it has no place in space station servers. In my defence: 1 I will never call anyone the n word or similar no matter the context nor the circumstances not even like ligga when talking to lizards 2 I believe my interactions with the community has have come as 99% positive 3 I had some troublesome moments before the ban maybe Alexrose can shed light into them but the time i spent out of the server playing with russians with the stephen hawking text to speech made me realize how much i miss playing Lizards Den and how easy could it be to not disrespect people with hurtfull words]

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