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I was role banned

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My username is YEETED_DELETE

I was rolebanned from commandroles and security 
I dont think this was fair due to me getting role banned for shooting someone at random i was gonna bring someone in for questioning he pulled out a gun shot at me so i returned fire self defense then he messaged an admin saying that i apparantly shot him at random he pulled out a gun tried to kill me so it was in self defense then got role banned from security and command roles permanently Even though i often play normally with my friends
I do not have any proof of this except for the fact that i cant acces my command roles i have them all except science command and captain

The server i was banned on was wizard den lizard
The ban was quite  a while ago i do not remember the exact time

I forgot to mention the server
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I was role banned

SS14 account username: YEETED_DELETED
Role(s): Command roles and security roles
Date of ban: I dont exactly remember but it was a long time ago
Length of ban: It was permanent
Events leading to the ban: I was banned for shooting someone because they pulled out a gun on me so i shot them in self defense i tried interrogating them but then they pulled out a gun and shot me 
Reason the ban should be removed: The admin didnt realise it was self defense and therefore banned me i also know how to rp normally and can do pretty much any job I can normally rp i do this often with my friends we do not meta communicate

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