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Xkallubar - Banned one year ago for posting a picture of an ongoing round to the discord.


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SS14 account username: Xkallubar
Ban reason: "Leaking ongoing round to discord. You know better. Appeal @ forum.ss14.io WITH A VOUCHER FROM ANOTHER SERVER."
Date of ban: I think September of last year.
Length of ban: Until an appeal is accepted.
Events leading to the ban: I believe I had posted a picture of someone with a bugged character sprite on the ss14 discord. This was from an ongoing round, and I do not remember if I knew of any rule against doing it or not. I think there was something at the top of the page that said not to post pictures of ongoing rounds. I do not know if I had seen that at the time or not. After posting the picture, I was banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: It's been quite a bit of time since the ban, I've played other games, I've played a bit of SS13. I get that I didn't have the best track record, and I had been banned I think once before, but I miss this game, and want to come play it again. I don't have a voucher form another server, which I assume means another SS14 server. (After the ban I quit ss14 altogether.) I believe it was the admin moony that banned me. I don't think the ban had to have been appeal + voucher only, it was just an insignificant picture. I know the ban message says I need a voucher, but I don't play ss14 anymore, I only ever played on the wizard den servers. I made bad decisions and regret them. I don't have a voucher, so it is up to you admins to decide. And of course I won't post pictures of ongoing rounds any more (If I ever end up getting unbanned from the discord. I think I got very pissed at the ban and decided to edit a picture of one of the messages of admin that banned me to make it say that they loved drinking urine, pretty much asking for a ban. Another decision I now regret. Sorry moony.) I've learned since then that I need to be careful of what I say and do. I hope I can play this game again, it's a very good remake.

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Admin consensus for this particular appeal is to waive the requirement of the voucher due to circumstances surrounding the ban. We will accept this appeal. I strongly suggest you refamiliarize yourself with the rules. As a side note, an appeal-only ban for Clown will still remain on your account and may be appealed after some time issue-free.


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