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ban appeal


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So I got banned perm on November 26 for killing three people in brig because they un lawfully brigged me perm and I felt they were going to kill me for breaking out. Obviously not really a excuse but that's not what its about. the reason it was perm ban is due to my notoriety of ban evading and breaking rule after rule. So, I guess while we are here ill admit to every rule i have broken or anything bad I did. when I first joined the discord I went under a alias known as "Wank" and got banned, I have made about five accounts and ban evaded with all of them. until I got perm banned, I kept changing mac and hardware ids and ips. these alt accounts included, zacharysomething, znacharytheIII, Xavier12 and ContactCritical. So after this I stopped ban evading like a loser with too much freetime and did something I should have done, went outside. Nah tho but real talk I just spent a month recollecting myself and I'm hoping the admins will give me a chance to uh "redeem" myself, come back legit, like no alt accounts or nothin. my og account is aedannx. I know i don't deserve this and I deserve to be in ss14 hell for life. but im willing to turn over a new leaf. its up to you if you will let me.


Winter break just started, so uh I could also devote a bit of time into the game.


this isnt a professionally formatted ban appeal, because there is nothing to appeal. all this is is an apology.

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