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KitCat223 - Traded high risk item for contraband

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SS14 account username: KitCat223
Role(s): Command
Date of ban: Unsure, was never talked to
Length of ban: Unsure, was never talked to.
Events leading to the ban: I was the captain that round, and someone who appeared to be an engineer was roleplaying as a trader. He was dragging around a case full of stuff he would trade people for various things, like clothing or tools. As the end of the round approached, the emergency shuttle was already called, he approached me and offered a trade. He wanted my jetpack for a bloodred. As he had been playing a trader all round I sort of just took it in character he was offering a trade, even for high risk items. He ended up convincing me to make the trade and the trade was made. Soon after I was arrested by security. I haden't even considered it was against the rules because it was all made in character, and I hadn't been thinking about out of character. I complained to admins, which obiously did nothing for me. The round ended and that was that.
Reason the ban should be removed: Since then, I've played roughly 20 rounds, each round trying to go for a command role. Each round facing dissapointment as I failed to achieve the role I hoped for. It wasn't until I contacted an admin asking if I'd been banned did I learn that I had. I hadn't even realized I'd broken a rule, and nobody had talked to me. It was an honest mistake that I won't be making again. I would like the ban to be removed if possible. This is also my first, and hopefully only infringement of the rules.

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