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= Ban Appeal = [SS14 User- Sal55] - [Cutting Random Wires / Griefing ]


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= For game bans =

SS14 account username: [Sal55]
Ban reason: [Cutting Random Wires / Griefing ]
Date of ban: [I'm not sure I was playing pretty late so it was either the 19 or the 20th of April]
Length of ban: [Perma? I'm not sure]
Events leading to the ban: [A Admin Caught me snipping wires when I trying to access doors... " admin said  I was breaking the station/ griefing "  it was like my 2nd day playing the game and honestly didn't think I was doing that major of damage to the station.  and so when the admin messaged me I told them that  it was my 2nd day playing the game and told them I felt bad about it and logged off  ] 
Reason the ban should be removed: [You may not trust me " and I get it"  but I honestly didn't know I was doing that much damage to the station due to me being new and all But I would understand if you don't appeal this ban]

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We understand when a player is new and doesn't really know what's going on. But the two ahelp interactions are not exactly giving us a lot of confidence:


This is fine, but the administrator is trying to tell you that you are causing a bunch of problems just cutting seemingly random cables to try and get access to areas. Then later, there is another report from another player indicating you are back cutting wires again. Another administrator tries to contact you:


Except this time you IMMEDIATELY leave the server as soon as the message appears, giving us no chance to understand what is going on. Our standard policy is an appeal ban to ensure the banned user can explain themselves on the forums.

We have a hard time trusting you if you get this evasive over cutting some wires, which looks to us like you are merely trying to cause station damage for no purpose.

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Here's the problem:

You were walking around cutting random wires to get into random doors. Mistakes happen, this probably isn't malicious. You have a weird way of dismissing it and leaving when the administrator is just looking for an "oh sorry I didn't know I won't do that in the future", but that's besides the point.

Later, in the early morning, shortly after the first time you are told you shouldn't be cutting random wires, you do it again. Except this time, instead of talking to the admin, you immediately disconnect.

As of three hours ago, you open this appeal. As of thirty minutes ago, you have attempted to create a new user account called "Rose423" and have attempted to evade your ban on three different IP addresses. So at this point we can only assume you are acting maliciously.

By policy, this appeal is denied for ban evasion attempts. You may only appeal this ban with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server and only after September 20th, 2023. This voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of playtime and should be obtained from the administrative team of a well-known or at least decently active SS13/SS14 server.

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