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RandomGuy1948 Datacenter

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SS14 Account: RandomGuy19481

Ban reason: Datacenter

Date and duration of ban: Permanent, 14 of april I think

Server: Wizard's Den Lizard [US West]

My side of the story: I tried logging in today, 14 april, I haven't played in Wizards den for some time, I do have a VPN, but, its not enabled, just installed

Other things admins should know: I was in holidays from 29 of march to 13 of april, I did not play ss14 while I was in my holidays.

Why I should be unbanned: I dont think I have anything to do with the ban besides having the vpn installed of my computer, I don't use it while I play ss14

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  • Project Manager

The Datacenter ban only covers the IP range utilized by the datacenter(s) your VPN provides. If you weren’t using the VPN it is extremely unlikely your connection is being blocked unless you live in a datacenter. This is reflected in connection logs. Please doublecheck your VPN to ensure it is actually disabled and see if the issue persists.

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